Monday, June 30, 2014


Okay, so once summer vacation finally kicks in it so hard to get back at it don't you think?? Well after taking about a month and half off, I decided I better get to the drawing board, and what better to start with than my BIGGEST SET EVER!!!

Introducing my Alphabet MEGA Pack (yes, the picture is awful)

I'm not kidding's over 300 images and you can buy it right now in my Tpt shop. Right now I only have it listed as one giant COMBO pack, so that means you will receive all the colored images along with all the black and white images. Best of both worlds!! I do have a question though...would you rather purchase JUST color or JUST black and white?? How about each letter individually?? I've noticed that some sellers post each letter separately and I really just want to post what you guys want. Leave me some comment love and let me know!!

Also, Anna will be posting some other sets throughout the week so you can look forward to 

My Pet Fish
Alphabet Doodle Letters
Helping Hands--counting 0-10
Math Manipulatives

....and I think that's it for now! 

ALSO, I will be having a JULY 4th Sale on Tpt ...more details on that very soon!



  1. I like combos the best. I like everything at the same time, because I forget to get the other part, or think I don't need both.

  2. I LOVE this set! bought it as soon as it was posted!