Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shapes and Tools For School

Hi there friends! Ok, so I've gotten off track with my "coming next" talk, but I got a few requests for some things people needed/wanted ASAP. Here are 2 new sets just posted to my Etsy shop available in color, black and white, and COMBO. There is a "Smiling Shapes" Set that has 10 basic shapes in cute colors with happy faces. So fun! There is also a new "Tools For School" Set that has some different things than the Back to School Set. This one has markers, erasers, paint trays, paint brushes, glue sticks,  colored pencils, and a few other things, so if the back to school pack didn't have all of the school supplies you needed, check this one out! Coming this weekend (for real) is "All About Me," "Apples,"  "Junk Food Junkie," AND "Frilly Frames."

This set DOES include a STAR, I just forgot it in the's hot pink if that matters


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