Sunday, January 6, 2013

Word Families...My Biggest Set EVER!

Hey guys!

So long time no posts or products...I know but I have some wonderful news!!! I have been working so hard on this clipart set and I hope you guys love it and use it like crazy. 

Introducing "Word Families" Clipart Sets. (available in COMBO, Color, and Black & White)
The preview is a very small sampling of the images because there are 
100 images 
not 100 combined...just 100 color images...that means 200 in the COMBO pack!

 List of images is as follows:

cab, crab, sack, black, backpack, mad, sad, glad, bag, flag, tag, wag, mail, pail, jail, nail, snail, tail, brain, rain, train, cake, flake, snake, shake, jam, clam, ham, can, man, van, cap, map, clap, nap, bat, flat, rat, cat, hat, mat, bleed, weed, seed, bell, smell, shell, ten, pen, tent, hen, vest, nest, test, brick, chick, kick, lick, kid, middle, slide, bride, light, right, night, grill, drill, spill, fin, twin, win, pin, vine, pine, valentine, drink, wink, pink, king, wing, sing, chip, ship, clock, sock, rock, top, mop, stop, dot, hot, duck, truck, bug, plug, rug, jug, jump, pumpkin, stump



  1. OH YES!!! I am going to get these RIGHT now! :) Can't wait for what's next!

  2. These are so nice! I see word family stuff from other people and I just think to myself, "I do not have that much clip art!"


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